In 2017 we are excited to begin building interactive targets for driving ranges that immerse players in the ultimate golf gaming experience. If you are a venue looking to experience a new level of golf entertainment or a player wanting to have the best date night on the planet, come join our world

“It’s the most fun you can have with a golf club” 

November 11-12th

The first Night Golf Nationals are in the books so now it’s time to get ready for our permanent date in Novermber for the NGN!. IF YOU ARE A GOLF COURSE that wants to put on a qualifier, give us a call! We are giving away up to 70 spots for this 2 Player Scramble format. So call us Today and let’s start opening up the night.

 Winners of each series event get in FREEE.

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We took everything that is awesome about golf and LIT IT UP!…then turned it into a game! Like a giant glowing pinball machine we designed it to be a glorious assault your golfing senses. First we designed giant targets that respond with light and sound. Then we charged up the balls so they streak across the sky. Then we added the car bubble, glow tables, a DJ and now you have the coolest mobile party in golf.

So sign up and come experience the glow because we think it’s the best time you can have with a golf club.

HOW THE COSMIC DRIVING RANGE WORKS: Each bay is set up for a group party. Five chairs and a glow table. So bring your friends. It’s easy to register for 1-2 hour ‘bay sessions’ each night starting at dark. Each bay hour comes with unlimited glow balls.

target golf driving range

driving range targets at nightGEN2 TARGETS ARE HERE!

After 2 years of field testing, we are now offering our Gen2 Wireless field targets and scoring system to golf courses and driving ranges throughout the US. Become part of the golf entertainment revolution with an affordable solution that fit permanent, seasonal and single event needs. LEARN MORE

cosmic driving range tic tac toe

Tic Tac Toe

Wedge your way to victory. This is a 10ft square board of glowing challenge. Players get 4 shots to do just that.

cosmic driving range flop shot

Flop Shot Limbo

Time to show off your floppabilities with our 9ft flop shot wall. Qualifiers  will need to be able to put at least 1 ball out of 3 in the scoring zone.

cosmic driving range 3 chip skills

3 Chip Skills

Bring out your short game to either win or place. Three different distances and two ways to score. Either put it in the glow ring or in the hole.  You get 4 shots at 3 distances.

cosmic driving range long drive

Cosmic Long Drive

Its time to bring out the big dog! Hit for the 24ft high target or a full 90ft of “green” to score. There isn’t a cooler long drive in golf!

cosmic driving range cosmic putting

Cosmic Putting

Feast your eyes on the glow of the tracks. Then play holes that have bankers and rails. We created tracks that turn putting into pinball. Your goal is to play for par or better.  Free for kids all day.


cosmic driving range car bubble shootout

Car Bubble Shootout

Finally you can hit a car with a golf ball. How cool is that?! 100 yards. 3 shots for high score. Time to go low

cosmic driving range night golf

Cosmic Night Golf

If you love the range you’ll love Cosmic Night Golf. Our Glowv2 ball performs like a real ‘daytime’ golf ball and our fairways, bunkers and greens are glowing with light.

cosmic driving range glass break

The Glass Break

The competition made famous by the Golf Channel. Players must hit a series of glowing square ‘glass’ (foam) targets just 15ft away.  Can you shatter it?