We are excited to announce the production of our new 12 and 30ft ‘internal frame’ interactive driving range targets and Gen2 lights designed for single events and seasonal installations. These targets make learning golf during they day a blast and when you light them up at night….it’s a party!

intelligent sports targets for golf and soccer

We began three years ago, tour testing our targets and lights so that now they are completely wireless and easy to use. Just attach the lithium power to the light, place inside our optical targets and inflate. Then place these intelligent range targets virtually anywhere from down a fairway to around your green. Now evening golf events create a huge visual impact while being insanely easy to setup and take down. The other key strength of our smart range targets are that people love to photograph the course and their friends playing. As a result our course is a natural social media magnet that promotes itself.

WHY PUT TARGETS ON YOUR DRIVING RANGE: Just like having bowling pins at a bowling alley, interactive targets, that tell players when they hit a target, are key to giving golfers and non-golfers the key feedback they need…sound and light. Without targets a range can only offer practice. With night field targets you can sell entertainment from simple hole in one – single target events to mid sized cosmic skills competitions to full cosmic driving range experiences ten target events.

TILT IT ON IT’S SIDE: Yes, it’s crazy that you can tilt our 12ft target on it’s side and it turns into a giant bullseye. Now golf courses can put on simple ‘cocktail competitions’ off the balcony or down a fairway to turn any evening event interactive and awesome.


DO WE WORK WITH WIRELESS SCORING PLATFORMS LIKE FLIGHTSCOPE AND TOPTRACER: Yes, our system works with all wireless scoring systems on the market. Our key strengths lie in our ability to create a complete ‘tee box to target’ gaming experience using a wireless system.
smart driving range targets

night golf events