INTRODUCTION VEDEO: This gives you a basic idea of the Cosmic Driving Range. Players rent-a-bay for an hour or two. Each bay can accomodate up to 5 players so it’s super affordable to have your own private party.

VIDEO #1: This was the first video we shot at MetroWest in Orlando during the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show. It was a blast. We only had the lights and few targets, but as you can see, we had players who could really stripe the ball and they had as much fun as you can have playing night golf.

GRAND CYPRESS RESORT, Orlando, FL: Our second event after the PGA show and it was awesome! See for yourself.

MOYOCK, NC – EAGLE CREEK GOLF CLUB (May 14-16th 2015) We made history. The players who won our Saturday night finals in the Cosmic Skills Extravaganza were all under the age of 10. Bravo Zack and Jack and the entire Mohawk Crew. Thanks also to Tim Paasch and Great Bridge Auto for an awesome car bubble sponsorship

CHARLESTON, SC – PATRIOTS POINT (April 23-25th 2015) At the end of the night we had to literally turn off the lights to stop players hitting. These guys couldn’t get enough so we pointed our camera phone at them and got their opinions. Thanks for all the support. We can’t wait to make it better.

FIRST TEE OF AUGUSTA, GA: (April 9-11 2015) (During the Masters): This is a thank you video to the First Tee of Augusta for hosting our first full course event and it went off without a hitch. The range was up a hill, so it made the course look awesome. Thanks for all the support.

GREAT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: With plenty of close up targets, crazy sounds and lights, every age level and skill level will have a blast. So bring the entire family and let’s light up the night.

 It’s the best time you can have with a golf club

BRING THE CDR TO YOUR GOLF COURSE: If you want to put on the ultimate golf party, give us a call. The CDR Lexus sponsorship ideashas 20 bays so it can accomodate between 200 and 500 participants per night. Then add their friends and family and you have an awesome golf party full of fun, music, light and sound.

LET’S GO CUSTOM: If your event or sponsor has a specific color theme, our course can glow any color you want. Then add any crazy custom shout out sound you want and your players will go absolutely crazy.

THE COSMIC CAR BUBBLE: If you want the ultimate fundraiser, speak with your local car dealer because the Car bubble is the best car sponsorship you can give them. Create competitions to hit the car and make your car sponsor the center of attention. Something you could never do before and people love it.

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