If you are from the Washington DC area we recommend you check out the ‘Cosmic Range at Reston National‘ October 14th for one night only. The best part about the range and event will be our unveiling of our new ‘HIT THE DRONE COMPETITION’ powered by our new indestructible Drone. It glows, flies and tries not to get hit by a range full of glow balls flying at it. Cross your fingers! We hope it will survive it’s first weekend test unscathed. So come on out and enjoy an amazing evening of events and prizes.


Cosmic Range at Reston national


COMPETITIONS WE WILL BE PUTTING ON: We will be unveiling a number of cool competitions including ‘hit the drone’ where everyone gets to fire shots simultaneously until someone hits the drone. The drone has a killer inflatable skin that will be lit up for easy targeting. It’s inflated to hopefully protect our drone from an early demise. So come on out so you can say you saw it first.

Our other big competition will be the long shot competition where we put a series of giant towers 30ft round and 20ft high) in the back field and now, instead of just seeing how far a player can hit their ‘big dog’, they have to actually score with their driver. This has never been done, because no one has ever had targets so smart and so huge.