We launched the CDR in 2015. Now, 50+ events later we are offering an evening golf experience unmatched anywhere. Let us take our patented targeting system and design a 1-3 night experience for your private or public club in 2018.

The CDR can accommodate up to 200 players and hundreds of spectators per night (4-5 people per hitting bay for 10-20 bays – for 2-3 hours) and we can provide additional activities to customize your event and turn on your members and guests.  Contact us for details and 2018 dates.

20171103_1916132018 TOUR OFFERS

+ NEW! Gen2 Targets with gaming numbers
+ 1-3 day events
+ Up to 25 bays
+ Glow balls with UV Ball chargers
+ Touch screen scoring tablets
+ Glow bar and tables
+ Each event customizable up to 300 players per night
+ Book for private club, corporate event or as a competition event


20171103_200709Engage players with a fun competition that keeps them on the range and at the party

+ Flop Shot Limbo          + Tic Tac Toe
+ Glass Break                   + Car Bubble Shootout
+ Cosmic Long Drive      + Cosmic Putting

Call today to schedule your event for 2018: 310.999.9767
or email Gwen@glowgear.net