Volunteer thank you night with Cosmic Putting

We just got off the road from the Westwood CDR in Cleveland and it was time to take indoor mini putt putt to a whole new level for Summit Church in Orlando. They do great things for the community and this was a night of games, food, drinks and live music to thank all those who have helped out throughout the year spreading the churches message. Bravo to everyone involved for an amazing event.

For the Crew at Glowgear is was a rare treat to set up 12 super creative holes through Summit’s sanctuary. So this is officially the first example of Sanctuary golf in history. We got to hit down stairs, up ramps and around poles and stanchions. Pretty cool stuff. We are quite proud and it only took us about 2 hours with three people. Here are a few photos of the event. Thanks again to everyone who helped us and keep up the great outreach.

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