We landed in Kalamazoo yesterday for a cool hole in one promo at the minor league baseball game (The Growlers…I think they are actually a D1 summer college league) It as a blast but the truth is baseball players can’t hit a golf ball…like a golfer. But when it came to night golf and doing a promotion for a whole new group of people, it was a blast. We signed people up during the game and then put up our big 24fter. Then they turned off the stadium lights and our lights exploded with glow. We had 40 players and gave away tee times for Friday night Cosmic Driving Range.

The cool thing I realized about baseball vs. golf vs. night golf, is that baseball allows players to have foul balls, but golf doesn’t. What’s that about? I think golf needs to give players three strikes and if they hit a ‘foul ball’, they get another try automatically. Of course no one would ever be able to finish a round, but so what. It would take some of the pressure off hitting the ball. Then when it comes to night golf, where there is even more pressure, players could really start having fun. I won’t be proposing the free foul/3 strike rule for golf anytime soon. But I think it’s a fun idea. Many thanks to everyone at the Growlers baseball for all their cooperation and generosity.

Foul ball!!!

Foul ball!!!

hole in one promotion for baseball stadiums

glow in the dark golf event on a baseball field

glow golf event at baseball field

Super Foul Ball!!!

Night golf ideas for how to play

glow golf lights for night golf and baseball promotions

The winner…spot on

night golf glow targets on a baseball field

The 24ft high target pylon in center field

Base ball field hole in one night golf promotion

night golf ideas for a baseball field

Close…but to the left

Base ball promotion with night golf