Target golf games
The Target Golf Games


THE GOLF GAMES are the ultimate cocktail competition designed for everyone. It can be casual and competitive. Best of all everyone gets to stay in one area so theirs a whole lot more ‘sipping and chipping’ and laughing.


Players go from one gaming station to the next trying to go for the highest score on each channel. Each challenge be it putting or field targets are scored the same. So a great putting can make up a lot of points over the ball striker who can hit targets. The player with the highest combined score is the Golf Games God and we will all have to bow to him/her when the trophies are passed out.


This is big field target practice. 6 Giant targets with 9 shots. You are going for high score. You can go for the front targets or gamble on hitting the high scoring back targets. It’s up to you and how you want to win


Time to score with the BIG DOG. This is our challenge to the long drive. Try being accurate when you poke the driver. Players get 5 shots to hit the tower (24ft tall) Each hit score double of any other so the better you are with the long stick, the higher you will score



This is the most fun you can have with a golf ball! We take the famous Big Break Golf Channel game and turn it NEON! Then we make in with super safe foam panels that explode when you hit them.  Each player gets 5 shots to see how close to the center they can get. High score wins.


Putting is boring, but not when the pin flags go off and the holes you are trying to sink are 1-4ft in diameter. Now putting is a blast. Go for the short targets or go for the bombers. High score wins


Chipping also stinks…unless the targets are super smart and super big. Players go for targets from 2-6ft in diameter as they go for high score. This is the home of the short game maven. This is where a player with wedge play can win the tournament